cover-fa-germany-7a-hi Fantastick hickory with double reinforcing and non-slip surface finishing. Drumsticks are sold in Economy sets of 5 pairs.

Drumsticks FantastickThe economy hit were created as reaction to drummers demand of cheaper drumsticks with balbex double surface finishing. Fantastick are made of ungraded hickory where higher weight differences can appear.

Fantastick are newly paired according to weight +-2grams and further sorted according to the resonance of woods. They are packed in original case that was developed specially for this purpose. This original case is protected by industrial design no. 2010-38162.

Fantastick are always sold by five pairs in our generally known Economy sets. Economy set is labeled with model mark on front part.

Material: Hickory
Sizes in MM: 15 | 407
Surface treatment: Double girp
Storage code: HECG5B
Quantity: Price of 5 pair set


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